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There are many great places around the UK, all good for different little things. Leeds is best noticed for the amazing night life, loving community and exclusive companions which you can find here. For those that have come to Leeds but then have not really discovered the night life, you’re seriously missing out. This is because Leeds has some of the most diverse clubs and bars. You’ll generally find something that will tickle your fancy if you look hard enough. What’s even better? Taking a wonderful companion with you to one of these clubs, if you need one of them just have a look through our exclusive range of gorgeous Leeds escorts. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to be in the presence of such beautiful, sophisticated women.

So I say that the club scene is good in Leeds, but which places in particular? For those who enjoy a more classy feel to their night, you’d really like spending some time in pryzm. pryzm is a new up scale bar which can be found right in the heart of the city centre – viewing Wakefield escort and escorts in York. Without going into much detail, pryzm is the perfect place to go with a few Leeds Escorts, especially if you’re trying to portray a more suave appearance but still enjoy the thrills of going out and having a dance. Maybe if you’d enjoy something a bit more hard going, you could head to either Control or Mint Club. These clubs are great for the type of person who enjoys staying out all night and dancing the night away, especially with a companion from our Leeds escort agency.


Public transport runs through the city on a regular time schedule so you need not worry about getting from A to B if you’re visiting. Leeds train station connects the town to many other different places. Once you’re in the city, there are bus stops which scatter the whole area so there’s no problem getting to an exact location. You won’t need transport all over the place though, everything is fairly centralised including hotels. We’d recommend the ibis hotel as a great place to entertain Leeds escorts.