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Chesterfield is a market town that lies 24 miles north of derby. It has a population of around 100,000 which makes it the largest town in Derbyshire Chicbabes, and the second largest settlement in the county. The market town dates back to as far as the 1st century where construction began to create a Roman fort. When the site was abandoned, an anglian village sprung up there, and the name derives from ‘Caester field’ which is a Roman word, ‘Caester’ meaning ‘A Roman Fort’, field obviously meaning ‘grazing land’. The towns most famous landmark is obviously the crooked spire, which some religious people believe is bent due to wicked forced, why not visit the spire with one of our Chesterfield Escorts?


Today, if you were interested in taking out one of our companions in chesterfield, you may want to go to some of the historical buildings and structures which surround the town. Hardwick Old Hall, Bolsover Castle, Stainsby Mill are three beautiful sites which may interest you. If you’re not one to enjoy gazing at chesterfields major landmarks than maybe you’d just prefer to get out and explore some of the many bars and clubs. Boogie Nights is a quirky little club which you can spot right in the town centre, and if that doesn’t pick your fancy then you could always just stroll down to either Mojo & The Beach or Back to the nineties. In fact, if you book one our lovely Lougborough escorts, you could go and have fun in many of the vibrant bars.

If for some reason you struggle getting to and from different areas in Chesterfield, then you can always take advantage of many of the public transport systems. Chesterfield has a train station right in the heart of the town, aside from that the bust stops can be found all around the area, and taxis if you want to be dropped off at a specific point. Plus, the Chesterfield escorts we’re able to provide you, completely understand the area like the back of their hands so you’ll never get lost.